Monday, September 1, 2014

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Science Camp

I suppose I need to be playing catch up again, but we won't talk about that.  But over the next few weeks if you see posts from June and July you will know why!

Lillie had the fabulous opportunity this summer to attend a GEMS science camp at an army base in a neighboring town. It is my understanding that there are only a few in the entire country.  If you have one nearby I would highly recommend you check it out!  All Lillie had to do was fill out the application and write a short essay.  We got the confirmation a month later that she got in!  I believe they said that there were over 100 on the waiting list for our location this year.

Lillie at graduation, receiving her diploma.

I am not sure how excited she was to begin with, but after the first day she was hooked!  The camp was about neuroscience (each year is different) and they did lots of experiments on the five senses.  We would pick Lillie up each afternoon and the entire ride home she would talk about what all they did that day.

 The entire class with the team leaders.

Here are a few things that I can remember: they made a pin-hole camera, they did a baby food taste test (gag!), they helped make a pair of glasses, and they made a set of speakers.  I cannot remember all the other things.  They even got to tour a black hawk helicopter and meet a visiting general!  He came around and talked to each group about what they were doing.

 Lillie and her team leader.

The last day the parents were able to go and see some of what they learned while they performed experiments on us.  I was so impressed with how professional the camp was and especially with those working directly with the kids.

Oh, and did I mention that each student got a stipend at the end of the week if they were there each day and on time.  I think this is why Lillie signed up to begin with since she is more of a zoology kind of gal.  However, after going she said, "I would have done that without the stipend!"  That's the sign of a fun camp!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today in History...

This happened one year ago today...


I can still vividly hear our doctor say "It's a boy" sometimes when I think back on that day.  I love the emotion in her voice. I think she was just as anxious to find out as we were!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, happiest, and dare I say, smartest one-year-old around!

I sometimes think back on life before Alexander.  Even though it's only been a year, it just seems like he's been part of us all along.  So thankful that God saw fit to give us one more!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Alexander Wants You!

We took this picture to document Alexander's first black eye, but realized you really could not see it.  I guess it looked worse to me than maybe it really was.

Saturday night he first slipped in the tub and got a knot on the side of his eye.  Then he was crawling in the den and started playing with our play yard that we had stacked behind the sofa.  I guess my mind doesn't react as quickly as it used to (I am 40, you know...) because before I could grab it, it had fallen on top of him and given him a black eye.

On the positive side, he will look tough for a few days.  Let that be a warning to all you toddlers out there!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Plan? What plan?

I have no plan in place yet.  There I said it!  We started math work this week and right now I am getting through one lesson per child at a time.  By this time in every year past that I can recall, plans were in place, books were on the shelf (and out of the wrappers...), supplies were in cute little buckets or caddies, cute handouts were laminated, and all the copies were made.  But not this year.

 I've entitled this one, "But first let me take a selfie..."

I'm truly wondering where these plans are going to come from too.  I'm working on Lillie's Classical Conversations class I am tutoring because it has to be done.  I am the tutor and should another unsuspecting brave wonderful student sign up for the class, I must be ready.  So I am focusing on that and only that and math at this point.  I'm halfway done with a skeleton of our first class day, but have got to work on integrating subjects and come up with questions to get Lillie talking and thinking deeper about the subjects we'll be going over each week.

 Alexander loves his sisters!

Then I'll move into what to supplement Camille's Classical Conversations work with at home.  I have so many pinterest boards and way too little time.  I have not even nailed down what other subjects she will be working on this year.  There are lots of things we tend to start and never finish so I'm thinking of just not starting them.  Or maybe just putting a few of the really valuable and beautiful ones on a loop as Sarah Mackenzie, author of Teaching From Rest, suggests on her blog, Amongst Lovely Things.

 He is so happy after naps!

Looping in homeschool would be putting the non-core subjects into a loop and setting up blocks of time for your loop instead of assigning a certain day for a certain subject.  Because what typically happens here is that we may miss our day for science (or insert other subject) and we get behind.  And the next week we may find ourselves sick and miss it again and then we are really behind.  A loop allows you to work on the next thing on the list so that (theoretically) you don't get behind. If you miss a day of looping you just pick back up the next day where you left off.  It makes so much sense that I think I may try it.  With Alexander up and about a lot of our day this year, school time will be unpredictable at best. Utter chaos at worst.  My only issue now is figuring out what to loop.

This girl turned double-digits this week.  She gets more beautiful and delightful with each quickly passing year.  I'll post more on that later.

So right now I have nothing to share in the way of school.  But I do have some pictures of one of the sweetest boys around.  And of his big sisters.  So enjoy those and one of these days we will start school completely.  I've already moved our start day back several times.  Lillie and I have to start our class on the 12th, but I may wait on the rest until much later.  We'll see.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

One Happy Fella, or Buddy, or Little Boy

We have a lot of little nicknames for Alexander.  I am not sure if any will stick, but for now our favorites are fella, buddy, or little boy.  We typically just call him Alexander.  Someone called him Alex the Last the other day and I sort of liked it.  No matter what we call him, he usually responds with a big smile.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Busy As a Bee

Alexander is quite busy.  It is really hard to get much done because he is a typical almost eleven-month-old boy.

He is happy most of the time and just enjoys doing things.  While making bread one day, I gave him a little flour to play with.  Of course he tried to eat it and then just swirled it around.  It did not hold his attention as long as I figured it would, but long enough to get my bread on to cook!

One of his favorite things is to open and close doors.  Especially the dryer door.  He can sit for a long time and just finger the things in the dryer and then push the door to and open it again.  Over and over.  I'm hoping this will translate into help with the laundry one day!