Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

I forgot what it is like to have a six-month-old.  Alexander is busy all.the.time.  And I'm no spring chicken.  He's wearing me out!

Good thing he is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Monday, March 17, 2014

When Did This Happen?

I'm not sure how it happened, but Alexander is sitting up pretty well these days.  It seems like we went from this position...

to this position overnight!

He even gets up on his hands and tries to get on his knees.  I imagine we'll be crawling in the next six weeks or so.

He's also sitting in his high chair to eat.  Still not overly concerned with food, but does love green beans.  When our totally pureed food is gone we'll start letting him eat what we eat.  We'll mash it up of course, but it will be nice to be able to do that.

He loves to put anything and everything in his mouth.  I never had that with the girls so this will be an experience when he really becomes more mobile. No teeth yet, but if drool is any indicator it should be any day now!

Alexander was 30 inches long and 18 1/2 lbs at his 6 month check-up.  That is about the size of Lillie at 12 months and it was Camille's height at 9 months.  So he is big!

And he is learning so much.  You can just see the questions in his eyes.  He babbles a lot and I think I have heard Lillie and star.  No mama or dada, but we are working on it.

I love to see how he changes from day to day and just the curiosity at everything being new. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Catching Up Part 2-Drive Through December

Have you seen those history videos where the guy drives to different places and tells the viewer about what happened there?  We LOVE those videos.  Those came to mind as I was putting this post together.  This is our December at break-neck speed!  And I must mention that this post is pretty long!

We got back from our Thanksgiving trip and had to try and unpack and get our Christmas decor up at the same time.  It didn't work too well.  Finally we got the tree up so Marty, our elf, could come to stay for the month.  He brought lots of goodies and challenged the girls to bring holiday cheer to those around them.

We were able to do that by sharing the story of Jesus Christ to our city.  We all participated in our congregations Greatest Story Ever Told.  Alex, Alexander, and I were Joseph, baby Jesus, and Mary until the rain drove us inside.  Alexander was an excellent baby Jesus.  The girls also participated in various scenes.

We had the girl's piano recital.  The video is too long to upload because the girls played back-to-back so we could rush off to Camille's basketball game.  And of course we got no pictures so you will just have to take my word that they played beautifully!

We all enjoyed cookies with Santa.

And it was Lillie's year to top the tree.

The kids got together with their Classical Conversations buddies for a trip to the Aviation Museum, and later on at our house for gingerbread house decorating.  These are some awesome kids!

And of course, we celebrated my 40th birthday.  The girls and I were on a field trip and Alex sneaked in and decorated.  I thought I had hid those so he wouldn't find them.  Oh, well!  Instead of a "party" with extended family, I opted for my in-laws to baby sit and Alex and I went out for dinner.  It was a great birthday.  And really 40 is the new 20, right?

We decorated more gingerbread houses with the cousins.

Christmas Eve was filled with time at the in-laws, a candle-light service at church, pictures under the tree, throwing reindeer feed, and reading The Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning arrived very early and the kids got to see what Santa had left them.  We also opened gifts from each other before eating our traditional monkey bread.  We spent most of the afternoon at my in-laws eating and opening gifts.  It was a wonderful way to spend Christmas.

A few days after we celebrated Christmas with my family.  The cousins came up and just enjoyed spending time together, playing, and making cookies.

And we cannot forget that Alexander turned four months old at the end of the month.  His first Christmas in the books!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day

A few years ago Lillie learned pi to 35 decimal places in honor of National Pi Day.  You can watch that here.

This year we just ate pie...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just Some Thoughts After a Tough Week

 The girls getting ready to see A Christmas Carol at ASF in December.

It has been a tough week.  A real doozey.  And if I am honest it is mainly my fault.  Though I try to find a hundred different reasons why it has been a hard one, I look down to see the fault lying squarely at my feet.  My attitude is not quite ready to admit it, but deep down I know.

I will not go into too many details here.  My girls are getting to the age where it may be embarrassing to see some of our issues here.  There not just mine, but there's as well, so I will let them remain somewhat private.  But just know we are struggling with the same things so many parents struggle with.  I tend to post the positive here since this is our scrapbook, so to speak, but the bad stuff likes to rear it's ugly head quite a bit.

As I was looking over some blog posts that I had bookmarked to read this week, there was one that reached out and smacked me right in the heart. 

The author talks about changing perspective. I tend to look at our school list and see what we did not get done.  Or if one of the girls is struggling with a subject I may really get worked up about it.  Or if one of them is not taking school work seriously or shirking responsibility, I totally feel defeated and like a failure. And while I do this, I totally overlook all the wonderful learning that has gone on for the day or week.  Or how hearts were touched or a skill mastered that has nothing to do with formal academia.

We began our homeschooling journey several years back and it has become easy to get bogged down in the lists (I'm a list person!), the schedules (I'm a schedule person!), and the activities and forget the very reason we started this journey to begin with.

Today a sweet friend paid one of my daughters a complement that I may never forget.  On the drive home, I almost cried because she had to point this particular thing out to me--I failed to see it myself. 

So, if you are struggling with seeing how great your kids are, take a look at this post over at Simple Homeschool and be reminded that so many good things are going on in the lives of your kids.  They are growing and need us to recognize the good more than the bad.