Friday, November 16, 2012

Beach Day with Friends

This past summer our friends from Huntsville were planning a trip to the beach.  And we were planning to go meet them for the day.  My girls were so excited (and I was even more excited than they were!) and we had everything planned out and ready to leave. 

Then Camille was taken to the ER the night before and spent a couple days in Children's Hospital.  Needless to say we didn't make it to the beach, but Camille's first words as she came to in the ambulance were, "Are we still going to the beach tomorrow?"

Thankfully our friends decided to come down again this week and we headed down to meet them.

I came back refreshed from spending the day laughing and talking with dear friends.  And watching my girls enjoy time with friends they miss.

And as I started back home that night after supper, I was amazed at how quickly my day flew by and wished I had many more to just sit and talk.

They tease that Huntsville has roads that need to be built just like Dothan (Alex works for a company that does road construction) and it is quite tempting.

Maybe one day...

For now we'll just have to enjoy all the visits we can!

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