Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Tomorrow it's back to school for us after a month off.  And while I'm excited to get back into our routine, I have enjoyed being able to wake up late and lounge around more than normal.  And not being so rigid with my time.

We had a very crazy 2012!  I need more than one exclamation point on that sentence too!  And a little part of me is glad that a new year is here.  I love starting with a (semi-) clean house after all the Christmas decorations are put away.  And I love that very first clean page of a calendar--before any dates have been inked in.  It's all so fresh and new!

I feel like this is our year!  God is ready to bless us in big ways if we will trust Him!  So we are jumping into 2013 with both feet.

This past year I set a lofty list of goals/habits for myself and also a list of DIY projects.  While some were accomplished, others didn't quite make it.  I think more than anything I learned that I can do anything if I just stick with it.  No excuses.  And I also learned that there is nothing that I do not over-plan.

So this year, my list is shorter.  I have enough goals that will help me form habits that are needed, but not too many that it overshadows the purpose of making life better.

I hope you all enjoyed 2012 and pray that 2013 holds even more blessings than you can imagine!

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