Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Lillie!

Yes, one of the things I missed posting about was Lillie's birthday!  I was able to come to the table for her traditional breakfast of doughnuts (which Alex picked up for us!) and a song, but that was all.

The other festivities took place thanks to a wonderful mother-in-law to whom I will be forever indebted after all she did for us while I was sick!

She had Lillie's party over at her house.  I don't even remember (if I ever knew) who ordered the cake, but I know Lillie picked it out. 

They all had a great time celebrating.  Lillie got a fishing rod and tackle box from Alex and an outfit from me that I had picked out before I got sick.  She got the rest in money to spend at American Girl when we make it over there.


Her birthday trip this year was going to be going horseback riding.  We still have not done that yet, but it's in the works.

I look at all these pictures and wonder where my baby has gone.  Lillie has not changed much since her arrival.  She looks exactly the same only bigger and with more hair.  She was a beauty then and she still is, only now her personality comes through and we get a glimpse of a very special young woman.

Happy Birthday, Lillie!


Kim said...

Lillie has become an absolutely beautiful young lady in every sense. And you are right that she has always looked the same - that sweet little face and thick brown hair! I can still see the 1 year old I met not-so-long-ago when I look at her now.

Kim said...

P.S. Tell Lillie that her hair looks awesome! I love this look. :)

Tara said...

Thank you, Kim! And I love that picture too!