Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy 4th of July

We enjoyed a day at home for our fourth.  We were in the middle of a monsoon it seemed so a few of the things on our to-do list were not accomplished, but it was still a nice day.

We had a family dinner over at Alex's parents and enjoyed a yummy supper later that night!  Thankfully the rain stopped for a few hours so the girls could watch some fireworks.


Sometimes I'm not sure that my girls get the true reason why we are celebrating.  We talk about what happened leading up to July 4th, 1776 and why it needed to happen, but sometimes I think they are just reciting facts.  One day I hope it really sinks in what this holiday is all about.  And that they realize how blessed we are that all those years ago so many saw fit for us to be free and risked everything
to get that freedom for us.

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Pam said...

I did not know you blogged! Awesome. Adding you to my Feedly. Love bloggers I know.