Friday, July 5, 2013

Plugging Along

Well, we have been plugging along here for the last month or so and things almost seem normal. The only thing strange is how busy we've been this summer.

We have had an unusually busy summer this year in part because I want to give the girls as much fun as possible since in a couple of months from now our family will drastically change!

We have been to the library craft days, library movie days, service days at church, and swim practice almost every week day.  That is in addition to doing school, doing meals on wheels, Lillie going to camp last week, Camille and I going to Panama City for two days for a practicum for me and a geography art camp for her, spending five gloriously lazy days at the lake, and enjoying a fourth of July with family.  Camille goes to camp next week and then we are off to a wedding and a fun get-away for the girls. 

By that time I'll be about six weeks from delivery and in need of some rest!  I'm praying that after that we can stay at home (except for those daily swim team practices...) and get ready for the baby.

I still have a list about two pages long of things to be done before baby comes.  Alex is painting this weekend and next week Lillie and I will get to putting things in order in the baby's room.  I've also got to get school planning finished and copies made for next year.  I figure the more I have done now, the easier my life will be!  We have huge changes (at least they seem huge to me!) coming next year and I'm still a little nervous about it all.  But it will be good for us all and especially Lillie so it's exciting at the same time!  More on that to come.

One area that I have tried to get back to normal and struggled with is cooking.  We have eaten out WAY too much lately.  And we just got 170 lbs of beef put up in our freezer so we'll be eating here a lot more if I can muster the energy to cook.

We have made a few yummy things lately and I thought I would share.  First up are Lunch Lady Brownies.  If you have been on facebook or pinterest you have seen this recipe floating around.  It did not disappoint and was fairly easy to put together.  The icing my be my new favorite chocolate icing!


The other thing I'll share here is Creamy Pesto Chicken Primavera.  I did not have "shaped pasta" like the recipe called for, so I just used small spaghetti.  It was delicious!  My iron has been a little low so I'm trying to work in spinach whenever I can.  I think we all liked this one!

I have a few more things we've tried, but I'll save them for later posts.  Hope you are enjoying a fun-filled summer so far!

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