Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Chapter

Today started a new chapter for our homeschool.  The girls and I (and little bit when he/she arrives) will be attending a class one day a week with our Classical Conversations community.

I was so on-edge as we prepared on Monday night.  Lunches were packed, clothes were laid out, backpacks were ready and by the door to leave bright and early--all those things that most of you probably do every single day.  But I have not done them in five years.

It was emotional for this momma who loves to be home to be out of her comfort zone, but I must say I have an awesome group of moms to help me through.

And in case you cannot read the shirts, it has the motto of CC on them.  I love that the goal for our kids is to educate them so that they can "Know God and make Him known."  That sums up a Christian's life perfectly!

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Kim said...

Precious girls!! I am excited for them -- sounds like so much fun!!