Friday, April 25, 2014

Catching Up Part 3-January at a Glance

A quick glance at that!

Not too much happened around here in January except a very special little girl celebrated her last birthday before the teenage years.  And due to some wintry weather on the way I had to race to the store after our weekly class, leave the kids in the car, and get a few things to make her day special.  We knew the weather would be too bad to get out on her big day (pooh for no fresh donuts!) so we got a few things to have fun while we stayed in--grocery store donuts, root beer in glass bottles, yummy fried fake onion flavored rings, cheese crackers with peanut butter, sour patch kids, and a few other junk food items!

We had the family over for her party and we had made cupcakes to decorate and eat.  I don't think anyone decorated theirs, but we had fun eating them.  Lillie chose French dip sandwiches, fries, and salad for her party meal.  Not a hit with the younger set, but the adults loved it!

Lillie asked for money this birthday because she was saving for an ipod touch and a mission trip to Nicaragua.  Her uncle got pretty creative with his gift!

And thankfully we got to have her best friend who lives in Alaska visit the weekend of her party!  I mean, what a friend!  To come all the way from Alaska to help you celebrate.  Well, she was already over here visiting family, but we still were pretty thrilled she got to stay with us for a few days.  They cooked supper one night. 

Oh, and one other thing.  That wintry weather I mentioned left a little snow and ice for the girls to enjoy. And I know some of you are chuckling about the wintry weather.  For the deep south this is considered wintry weather.  Anything where temps drop under 50 is wintry to us.

In other news, Alexander tried to learn to read.  Still not there, but soon.  And he tried out his johnny jump-up.  He was not much of a fan, but he has warmed up to it since.

So, that was January.  Maybe sometime soon I'll move on to February.  But don't hold your breath!

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I am enjoying getting caught up!