Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Still Catching Up-February

I am really growing weary of all this catching up business.  I am trying hard to keep up and get finished but I am tired of it!  Rant over.

February was a little slow.  It typically is, but this year seemed slower than normal.  I guess it knew March would be overly full, so we had the calm before the storm, so to speak.

Camille's basketball season wrapped up and we had the awards ceremony for that.  She enjoyed it a little more this year, but the jury is still out on whether she'll play next year.  I love her approach to playing sports--she decides to sign up if she feels like it at the moment we ask her about it.  You really never know.

We enjoyed a brass band concert for a fun field trip (one of two in February).  Dallas Brass was wonderful!

Next was Valentine's Day.  I like to make a special meal (food = love in my book!) each year.  This year was heart shaped pizza (a little simpler than usual) and a red velvet cake.  Delicious!  And we gave the girls a gift they had been really hoping for--tickets to see Jamie Grace in concert.  Well, not tickets, but a due bill for tickets.

And this little man was the perfect Valentine for mommy!

Later in the month we had our second field trip.  The girls participated in a Winter Living History program at a local park.  This is always the best field trip.  Lillie went a couple years ago and Camille waited patiently until she was old enough this year.  It was a hit!  This is a picture before they go their skirts and aprons on. 

And no February would be complete without celebrating Alex's birthday.  I had been sick so his mom brought over a cake one Sunday after church.  I did fix him a birthday meal (food = love again) later in March.

We finished out the month with a science experiment to see the benefits of blubber on whales.  The girls donned a rubber glove slathered in petroleum jelly layered with another rubber glove over that.  The other hand just had two rubber gloves with no petroleum jelly in between.  They tried to be brave and prove the hypothesis false, but could not hold out with the blubberless hand.  That water was cold!

And as I'm finishing up I realize that February was a little busier than I had first thought.  And to leave you, here is the video of the girls opening their Valentine's Day present from us.  They were extremely excited!  When Lillie gets up at the end it was to go to her room to scream!


Okay, just two more months and I'm caught up.  That is if I get it done before the end of May...

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Kim said...

I love the heart-shaped pizza! Cute! And Leah's approach to sports is VERY much like Camille's!!! 8)